Natural Dried Echinops


This naturally dried Echinops flower is also known as a Globe Thistle. With its striking green or blue hue and spiky interesting texture, and delicate stems - this preserved botanical looks amazing by itself, clustered in wreaths or other floral arrangements.


Approximately 22" in hight
Since it's not artificial but dried from fresh (live) echinops, it may have slight imperfections, just like real flowers and leaves, this is totally normal. Echinops leaves and stems have sharp spikes, we suggest using mittens when you work with them.
Echinops do look more beautiful when you remove dried leaves. It highlights the spiky globe. We always remove the leaves when we work with them or add them to the floral arrangements. Echinops are fragile and delicate, you need to be extra careful when you work with them.
To remove the dust, you can use a hairdryer on a low setting to blow the dust away gently.
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