White Nigella Orientalis


Naturally bleached, Nigella Orientalis flowers offer a crisp, clean and contemporary look to any bouquet or preserved floral arrangement. The variety in length of stems are perfect for adding texture and height and also look fantastic in your wedding decor!



Size: 22" in Length. Approximately 50 flowers in every package.
Naturally, Nigella's stems have small pieces of grass. We recommend trimming the grass with scissors. It will create a cleaner look with an emphasis on flowers.
To create open and beautiful arrangement in the vase, we suggest to insert each flower individually.
Keeping them away from direct sunlight will help to preserve the color and longevity of dried flowers.
Dried flowers are very delicate and react negatively to moisture. Exposure to water may cause discoloration.
You can remove dust by using a hairdryer and blowing air on your flowers.
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