Ana Purple Dried Floral Arrangement


A selection of dramatic purple and burgundy shades featuring preserved Eucalyptus and wildflower-like dried flowers such as purple Ruscus, white Amaranthus and fluffy Bunny Tail flowers - elegantly framed with natural plumes of Pampas Grass and textural accents of natural Palm Leaves. A stunning combination of warm earthy textures with touches of salmon pink and soft purples.

This is the perfect seasonal addition to your home decor, that can also be a lovely gift for someone or even a statement making bridal bouquet. For simple home styling, place in your favourite vase of purchase one here, to add to your fall inspired floral decor theme. 

16" wide and 20" hight.
The size is approximate and measured from tip to tip.
Keep in mind that each bouquet is handcrafted. Since every flower is unique, the floral arrangement will be slightly different than what you see in the picture. This is the beauty of natural and handcrafted products.
Keep them away from direct sunlight. Dried flowers are very delicate and react negatively to moisture. Exposure to water may cause discoloration.
You can remove dust by using a hairdryer and blowing air on your wall decor arrangement.
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