Brown Pampas Grass Wreath

This beautiful piece handcrafted from lux pampas and durable grapevine is among our most popular designs. Perfectly blending elegance with boho-chic style, our Brown Pampas wreath is the ideal gift for a loved one on their birthday, anniversary, wedding day, holidays, or as a way of saying thank you. Its minimalistic elegance can make a stunning addition to any home decor.

MATERIALS: Grapevine wreath base and pampas
SIZE: Measured approximately 25-27" in diameter. Attached to 14” grapevine wreath base. As shown in the video.
Colour: Depending on how the light hits the wreath, the hue will range from brown to brown with a touch of light grey. It's the natural color for this type of pampas grass.
Dried flowers are very delicate and react negatively to moisture. Shedding is a natural occurrence in pampas, particularly in transportation or when being moved. When you receive your pampas wreath, please use a hairdryer for about 1 minute to re-fluff the pampas plumes. This process will be messy, but once it's hung in the wall the shedding is minimal.
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