Natural Brown Pampas Grass


This Pampas grass feels very soft and silky with a settled hint of brown and grey hues. The colour is not processed, bleached, or dye.

The Pampas Grass comes as a set of 10 or 20 stems. Perfect for a vase, creating wedding arches, or DIY home decor.

Size *
The stem is measured 24"-27" and the plume approximately 15"- 18"
It’s normal for pampas to press during shipping. When you receive your pampas take them outside, gently shake it/or use a hairdryer for 1 minute to re-fluff them. During the re-fluffing process expect your pampas to shed but once it's in the vase the shedding is minimal unless it's hanged in a windy environment. You can also lightly spray them with a hair spray to reduce the shedding.

Pampas hues (shades) changes depending on the light in the room. During the bright day, you'll see more greyish hues. In the evening (darker environment) pampas hue will look browner.
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