Rosie Rose Bridal Bouquet


With a stunning mix of wildflowers and grasses, this eclectic arrangement uses contrasting colours and shapes to make up a unique floral centrepiece. Naturally coloured orange and red dried Roses add a pop of colour in combination with the soft tones of Bunny Tails, Pampas Grass and Statitice Flowers. 

This pretty bouquet would make an incredible piece to carry down the aisle at a wedding, to be a centre piece in your home decor or to give to a loved one to enjoy, whatever the occasion. 

Rosie Bouquet also comes as a boutonniere to for the ultimate wedding party look. 

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Keep in mind that each bouquet is handcrafted. Since every flower is unique, the floral arrangement will be slightly different than what you see in the picture. This is the beauty of natural and handcrafted products.
Keep away from direct sunlight. Dried flowers are very delicate and react negatively to moisture. Exposure to water may cause discoloration.
You can remove dust by using a hairdryer and blowing air on your wall decor arrangement.
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