Wholesale White Preserved Ruscus
This is gorgeous dried White Ruscus can look beautiful in floral arrangements and DIYs, however you can style this gorgeous flower as a standalone statement piece in your home decor.   
Wholesale Preserved Pink Daisies
These are delicate dried vibrant Pink Daisies will bring a country feel to your home. They look gorgeous on their own in a vase, can be used in fun DIY projects, and add to floral bouquets. They are very beautiful and...
Natural White Preserved Ruscus Stems - PRE ORDER
Our gorgeous white Ruscus Flowers have been naturally dyed and preserved for any everlasting floral bouquet, wreath or decor piece - but looks just as great on their own as a stand-alone piece in any of our cute vases!  5...
Dried Green Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
This natural Green Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is an aromatic filler with a long life. Its large rounded leaves make the perfect background for a boutonnière and add fullness to a bridal bouquet. Use Silver Dollar Eucalyptus in centerpieces, backdrops, table runners...
Preserved Natural Rice flower
Preserved organic Rice Flower Stems are perfect for making dried arrangements, DIY centerpieces or just placing them in the vase by itself to instantly bring natural feel to the interior. They will last for years, and require no watering! A...
Light Orange Craspedia Flowers
Beautiful, light and airy peach coloured Craspedia Flowers - also known as "Billy Buttons". Naturally dried and dyed, these cute bulbs make a wonderful addition to your summery home decor theme or floral arrangement. They also look fantastic when styled...
from $19.00
Natural Statice Grass
Statice, aka "Sea Lavender"  is a popular earthy naturally coloured - dried flower commonly used in mixed bouquets and flower arrangements, but boasts as a stellar standalone statement bouquet when placed in a simple ceramic vase. All organic, this rustic bundle...
Preserved Melaleuca Bracteata
Naturally grown in Australia, Melaleuca Bracteata is a robust, rustic and vibrant dried foliage that resembles pine and makes a beautiful ornamental piece in your home decor that is perfect for festive or year-round use. A great way to add...
Preserved Foxtail Setaria Grass
Naturally dyed and preserved Setaria Grass, is also known as Fox Tail. This stunning red hued grass is relatively soft to the touch, and is especially great for adding texture and fullness that is suitable for filling vases.  
Organic Preserved Yellow Strawflowers
These vibrant naturally Dried strawflowers are beautiful flowers that are incredibly versatile! They can be used for anything. Try displaying these Orange and Yellow Flowers around your home as a statement, in a long-lasting bouquet for an office decor, and even...
Natural Preserved Blue Hydrangea
A beautiful - naturally dyed and preserved Hydrangea flower that looks amazing styled on its own, or as an accent to an arrangement. Very large, yet soft to the touch this stunning Cerulean Blue Hydrangea flower can also make a great gift for...
Natural Green Phalaris Grass
Naturally cultivated from the Mediterranean, our Phalaris grass has been carefully preserved and comes in a beautiful organic Green colour. Phalaris Canary grass by its very nature makes an attractive display all on its own.  Display a bunch of canary grass...
Dried Light Pink Hydrangea
A beautiful - naturally dyed and preserved Hydrangea flower that looks amazing styled on its own, or as an accent to an arrangement. Very large, yet soft to the touch this light Pink Hydrangea flower can also make a great gift for...
Preserved Red Mini Roses
Perfectly dried and dyed red ombre Roses make the ultimate gesture of preserving precious memories. They make the best gift as a bouquet to anyone you love, which will be appreciated as a decor piece for many years to come. ...
Natural Purple Bunny Tail - PRE ORDER
Bunny Tails, also known as Lagurus ovatus, are one of our best sellers! Known for its fluffy and full appearance, this beautiful dried grass comes in many textures and naturally dyed colors, which make them eye-catching and unique. These would be a...
Purple Preserved Statice Flower
With a striking violet purple colour, this beautiful naturally preserved bouquet of dried Statice (Limonium/sea lavenders) are perfect for home and wedding décor - as they can be used to provide accent colour to any bouquet, boutonniere or other wedding accessory.   
from $19.00
Natural Dried Echinops
This naturally dried Echinops flower is also known as a Globe Thistle. With its striking green or blue hue and spiky interesting texture, and delicate stems - this preserved botanical looks amazing by itself, clustered in wreaths or other floral arrangements.  
Preserved White Silver Daisies
Sweet, delicate and petite, these natural dried flowers are marvelous when looking for a whimsical statement to add to any fried floral arrangement. They are especially perfect for adding texture to your bridal bouquet. 
White Nigella Orientalis
Naturally bleached, Nigella Orientalis flowers offer a crisp, clean and contemporary look to any bouquet or preserved floral arrangement. The variety in length of stems are perfect for adding texture and height and also look fantastic in your wedding decor!  ...

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