Many people don’t know a lot about pampas. We usually get many questions from people who want to know how they can care for these lovelies! Pampas is a type of grass, which you can use for your home décor and events because of its luxe and beautiful texture. 

Care Tip #1

It’s normal for pampas grass to press during shipping. When you receive your pampas take them outside, gently shake them and use a hairdryer for a few minutes to re-fluff them. During this process, do expect that your pampas will shed.  However, once you re-fluff your pampas grass and place them in the vase the shedding is minimal, unless they are located in a windy environment. 

Care Tip #2 

Dust your pampas every few months to eliminate all the accumulated dirt and keep them looking fresh. It will also help to prolong the life span of your pampas grass. 

Care Tip #3

Do not water your pampas grass. Dried flowers are very delicate and react negatively to moisture. Exposure to water may cause discoloration. 

Care Tip #4

Keep your pampas grass away from direct sunlight. Strong sunlight will make the pampas grass drier and with time it will lose the silky pampas feel. 

Care Tip #5

Always remember that dried flowers such as pampas are flammable. So, keep them away from naked flames.

Care Tip #6

If you notice that your pampas grass is shedding, you can lightly spray them with a hair spray or a floral protectant spray to help them maintain their plumes. Please note that it’s a natural thing for pampas to fade and shed some plumes over time. Also, constant hair sprays can take the softness away from the plumes. So, only spray your pampas if you find it necessary.

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